Sunday, 23 February 2014

eeek a mouse

i have mice in my garden and shed.  not in the house thank goodness.  i'm really scared of mice.  they've bred.  eeek.  omg.  last night i dreamt that there were thousands of them out the back.  my son's cats were catching them and bringing them inside.  it was a nightmare.  horrible.  having said that i slept better than i have for ages.  my friend gave me a side sleeper pillow yesterday and it's really nice.  i was pretty tired as i didn't get much sleep the night before.  how some people can think mice are cute is beyond me 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


i don't usually have nightmares or scary dreams.  once i dreamt that a huge tree was cut down and inside the trunk were thousands of snakes.  that was scary.  twice i've dreamt that a black evil presence came into my house and into the bedroom and hovered over me.  before i woke up i dreamt that i was really awake and couldn't open my eyes.  when i woke my heart was pounding and i had chills.  eeek.  nasty.  the other night it was hot in my bedroom and i had the worst sleep.  i dozed off and awoke to someone pulling me down the bed by my feet.  i moved about two feet.  it scared the you know what out of me.  my heart was pounding and i was terrified.  i finally went back to sleep and didn't have anymore dreams.  sometimes i get insomnia and it's awful. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

the kardashians again

obviously i'm watching far too much reality (that's a joke) tv.  i was in a double decker bus with kris jenner driving along the beach in miami.  at least i think it was miami, it could have been glenelg, which is a local tourist beach.  quite nice.  there were people everywhere and music.  a real party atmosphere.  we were having a fab time, drinking cocktails and sight seeing.  then there was a large black man on the bus with us.  in my dream it was magic johnson but i think it was really lamar.  we were marveling on his totally hairless smooth body and how soft it was. rather embarrassing really when you think of it.  i have no control over what i dream so please don't judge me.  :)

Monday, 31 December 2012

i dreamt about work

which is quite the norm for me and it's probably coz i have to go back tomorrow. ahhh.  this time the library was a huge complex like a shopping centre only more open.  polished stone, different levels, good airconditioning, quite nice really.  there was a group meeting in one of the function rooms and the woman asked me to bring her two eggs.  ok.  strange request.  i went to the desk and found that we sold stamps but the stamps were for odd amounts and were all a stuck together mess.  next thing i was naked underneath my jacket and felt very uncomfortable coz when i realized this i wasn't sure if anyone had seen me.  (Susan was there, she's one of our work experience students from last year.  i saw her in the supermarket yesterday).  a whole group of ex staff were meeting in one of the rooms.  it was so strange to see all of the old faces together again.  just about everyone who'd ever work there.  i haven't had a work dream for ages.
this is a very short lived flower from the cactus on my neighbour's fence.  i missed getting a photo last time it flowered

Friday, 26 October 2012


my g/friend from cairns is visiting adelaide atm for a short holiday.  she's coming over on monday to spend the day with me.  i don't see her very often these days.  we studied together years ago and she also used to be a hairdresser and cut my hair for years.  my dream - i went to her house and went into the front room.  it was very cluttered and she had a very cute cat.  it was near the beach.  next thing i saw two snakes.  don't worry, she said, they're harmless.  hmmm ok i thought.  no problem.  they looked like aussie brown snakes which are deadly but that's ok.  so we went into the next room and it was full of snakes.  they looked the same as the first two.  deadly.  i don't know what happened next coz my alarm clock (phone actually) woke me.  when my father was a young man he had a pet snake.  i didn't know this until recently when my cousin told me.  i can just imagine dad with a pet snake.  we are a bit different in my family :)
green snakes are sort of cute but probably deadly

this is a blue snake.  different

and this is just like my dream.  lots of them.  eeeekkkk

Saturday, 15 September 2012

that's different

i dreamt about work.  that's not different.  but, the library was very different.  imagine this ...
a grassy wide river bank, both sides of a very narrow river. no vegetation or trees.  very flat.  i don't even think there was water in the river but maybe just a trickle.  the desk was built over the river and extended to both sides of the river.  i had three new registrations to do and couldn't get a computer coz they were all being used by other staff so, i went through an invisible, magic door to a shopping centre.  i remember a mattress/bedding store and a supermarket.  as i went through the portal i came out into the shopping centre laughing my head off and remember Lan on the library side laughing too.  i was hoping that i wouldn't get into trouble for leaving work and going shopping.  luckily i got away with it.  quite a few times.  one thing about the green outdoor library was that, wait for it, it had no shelves and therefore, no books.  my kind of library.  just kidding.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

costumes and celebrations

i don't know where we were but i was at home trying to put something onto the wall.  it was complicated and difficult.  i had to put it together and i was having trouble.  it was something like an alarm panel.  i'm not really sure.  anyhoo.  who should come in but my sister with a few other people.  it was shocking because she was done up to the  nines in different coloured lame, sequins, feathers.  a very very short skirt.  all the colours of the rainbow.  she raised her arms and whoa i could see her you know what.  i was shocked and alarmed.  but, she didn't care.  i went outside and everyone was dressed up in costumes.  all colourful and  shiny. i was walking up the street when i saw Kim sitting on a seat.  (Kim used to work with me and retired some years ago now.  i've lost touch with her a bit and don't see her much anymore) she was dressed in a navy and white suit and her nails, both hands and feet, were painted in a perfect blue and white matching scheme.  she looked quite amazing.  very smart. she used to love having her photo taken so i said stand over there and i'll take your picture.  well, she took off and i couldn't find her.  i walked back into a huge arena, very ancient rome.  it was totally chockers with people who seemed to belong to some kind of religious sect.  next thing Kim was up on a huge stage and was dancing around.  she fell off the edge of the stage into the crowd.  there were live buffaloes and parades going on around her.  all very strange.  i kept taking photos and got one of her in mid air. but it was ok coz some people on the stage with her pulled her back up.  i don't remember anything after that but remember the colours of everything quite clearly.  i also recall that the street where all this happened was in australia but somehow i knew that i was really in bali.  not an uncommon theme in my dreams.